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Tiggur's Blog, December

Hi, this is Tiggur, again. The seasons have really changed since last time I wrote; the grass has stopped growing and now there is snow everywhere. We had our summer fleeces taken off but, not to worry, God gives us a short heavy fleece for the winter. Everything is tied to the shorter days. As the grass slows down its growing and the sun is up less time, our bodies start growing fleece that is designed to keep us warm and toasty during the snow storms. The shepherd also makes little shelters for us to get out of the wind. I have my own spot where I like to lie down and chew my cud and sleep and think. Some of my family aren’t so particular.

I’ve been working this month. The Lutheran church in nearby Sidney had their annual play and I went with two young doelings from our farm. I recognized the place right off and couldn’t wait each night to jump into the car and head out.

On Friday night I could look at the alto section’s books. I wonder how they figure out what all those black lines mean? On Saturday night the whole place sang a song called “O Little Town of Bethlehem”. I enjoyed that a lot. After the show, there were snacks. I liked the carrots, celery and olives. Salty.

My older sister Flora is visiting from another farm. We were glad to see each other. She’s still in full fleece – she’s afraid of people and wouldn’t get caught to get shorn. She’s only here for a little while to meet the ram Saga. She’ll go back to Owego to wait for her lamb.

When we get a new camera I’ll have some pictures taken to show you how I look.

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