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Tiggur's Blog, March

Well, it's been quite awhile since I last wrote.  I don't where the time goes; every day is so filled with God's care and love.  I must admit I get a little uncomfortable when the rain comes this time of year and I get so wet, but, even then, God takes care that our winter fleece felts down to keep the water off our skins pretty much.

For a few days the sun shone and the air warmed up even that little sprouts of grass were coming up.  Those first green things taste so good after a long time of the dry hay.  Last night it snowed again so the graas is all covered up and we're back to hay.

Recently, some big red things came pulling the wagon with our hay.  They're much bigger than we sheep are but not too scary - as long as they stay out there.  My mother Kira really likes the way they look:she smiles and smiles.

One of my cousins has gone down to the barn to wait for her lamb; she took her sister with her for company.  The first night she was taken down, she broke out after dark and came right back to us.  The shepherd was frantic looking for her: she went up and down the road with a light and called and called.  Garofilia tried to tell her where she was, but the shepherd didn't understand.  Finally, the shepherd came into the field with a light and saw Garofilia.  They both were relieved.  The shepherd said Garolfilia was both a good girl for coming right back to the field but a bad girl for breaking out.  She says it's too early to have lambs outside - too cold and too wet.

I've heard the shepherd sing a song she says is like hunting for one of us.  It goes something like this:

"There were ninety and nine that safely lay
In the shelter of the fold,
But one was out on the hills alone
Far off from the gates of gold........
Lord, Thou hast here Thy ninety and nine;
Are they not enough for Thee?
But the Shepherd made answer:
This of Mine has wandered away from Me."

Then there's the ending bit "Rejoice for the Lord brings back His own."

Doesn't that Thee and Thy stuff sound funny?  My shepherd says it's an old-fashioned way of saying you and your.

I think that's probably enough for now.

We're still working on trying to get some pictures of my handsome self.....and my family, too.

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