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Maude's Pages

April 2002

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a sheep and a lamb

Don't you think we look beautiful?!  My very first lamb was born on Tuesday, April 16th, as my servants reckon time.  The shearer had come just a few days earlier, so I had my nice, cool summer look. 

I did need some help when my lamb started coming, since I'd never done this before, but Oh my! Every minute of waiting and all the work was worth it!
a sheep and a lamb
Here we are again!
And this shot gives you a better idea of the private apartment they gave us for my lamb's first week:
a sheep and a lamb

I have my own name for him, which is a secret between me and him! My shepherds haven't given him his official farm name yet, though, so maybe some of you could give them some ideas? I do wish I'd had a ewe lamb, so she could be sure to stay on the farm with me, but Our Shepherd in Heaven decided otherwise.

I was the very first of my class to have a lamb -- my servants keep forgetting how special I am, and they thought my friend, Bandit, was going to have her lamb first! Of course they were wrong! I was almost a whole week ahead of her! Next time I'll show pictures of some of the lambs from the other ewes in my class, but my shepherd hasn't taken the ones I really want yet...

Since I didn't understand when my shepherd first told me I was going to have a lamb, I asked her if she had some pictures to explain what she was telling me. She said she never has time to take pictures when a lamb is being born -- she's too busy helping! Well, was I lucky! The neighbor girls, MacKenzie and Colleen, who come over and help as our servants sometimes, just happened to stop by when another lamb was being born, and MacKenzie had her camera! I got so excited when I saw the pictures -- they were beautiful! But my shepherd said I really shouldn't use them for my page. I asked her why, and she said they might shock some people. So I asked her couldn't she show them to some people sort of like a test? She agreed, and it turns out all the women thought these were wonderful and all the men said they were terrible! So all you men and boys, just skip this next part!

lamb being born
Here was the lamb that was born when MacKenzie came in.  Everyone thought she was going to be the only one born!  Well, look what happened next!

Here was the lamb that was born when MacKenzie came in. Everyone thought she was going to be the only one born! Well, look what happened next!

lamb being born
lamb being born
My shepherd told me they thought this second lamb was born dead:

But in just a second or two, she sneezed!  Then just a few minutes later, she was sleeping peacefully with her sister! 

newborn lambs

Of course our servants are busy in that special barn they have attached to their living area because they are getting ready for Pascha again. At least this year I know what they are doing there -- and I'm looking forward to Pascha myself so much more, since I've been through so much this year! Our Shepherd in Heaven knows everything, but still, He came and went through the same things we all go through, so He understands life and death by living it, just like we do. And now I know how His Mother felt, because I love my lamb just like she must have loved Him, and I know I can't keep him here forever, either!

two newborn lambs
Here are some of the other new folks who have arrived this spring: Goliath is the lamb, and Minnie is the kid. They are this year's bottle babies, just like I was two years ago!

And this is Darling, Minnie's half-sister, with her mother Gracie. I know I'm getting sentimental, but family just means so much to me now!

lambs in a manger
I wish my own mother were here -- she would be so proud of her grandlamb!
Still, I have my father and my brother around.  They came in for shearing, too, and my shepherd took a picture of them together: 
One more thing, and then my shepherd tells me I've talked enough for this time. Do you remember how I asked you to pray for Goose? Well, she is doing really well!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us! Here is a picture of her, with one of her classmates -- they are a year behind me -- just before shearing. That's her on the left.


Instead of being the scrawniest and sickliest one of her class, she's almost the biggest and most beautiful! She misses Teddy as much as I do -- he was such a good friend to us all! But Our Shepherd in Heaven is keeping him busy with what he loves best: All the new lambs and babies up in the fields in Paradise! Sometimes I think he's the lucky one! Well, we'll all be there one day, and that's what we're going to celebrate soon!

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

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